The Best 5 Gifts for Men Who Love to Travel

Whatever time of the year, it is always difficult in choosing gifts for men, however we have created a list of 5 gifts that will be a sure fire way for you to get it right. These gifts can also be purchased for birthdays, xmas and any other time of the year. If you know a male that travels then here are our top five games.

Roku Streaming Stick

For those of you you that don’t know what these are, they are a a streaming stick that you plug directly into your television and connect to the local wifi. This is a perfect gift for the traveling man because these are perfect for hotels. The difficulty that people who travel miss is the fact that they don’t have a routine, if they can watch their favourite channels and shows in the hotel room this will make things a little easier.

GoPro Hero

go pro

There are travelers and there are travelers!! If the guy you want to buy a gift for is a real traveller then the GoPro is a fantastic gift. Whilst these are slightly expensive due to the quality of the product they are definitely worth the investment. For adventure travelers this is perfect!

Powerstation by Mophie


The mophie powerstation 4000 is a fantastic gift for travellers on the go, with this it enables the ability of charging phones and other devices for over 2.6 times. These used to cost a fortune, now they are available for less than an official travel charger.

ExOfficio Storm Logic

This Jeck is fantastic for travellers who need a comfortable and warm coat but don’t want the bulk of a normal jacker. This jacket turns into a travel pillow and when its unfolded it still looks fantastic without creases.

Price: $150

ESPRO Travel Press Thermo

For coffee lovers when quality is important then the best gift for the travelling man is the Espro Travel Press which actually makes the coffee and keeps its warm for the full day. This is a must get if nothing else on the list works.

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